CEO Thought Leadership on Social Media

A recent study reports that 61 percent of CEOs don’t have a social media presence in spite of audience’s demands for increased human connection. For CEOs who are on the fence about social media, allow us to introduce you to thought leadership: a valuable way to position yourself as an expert in your field, therefore humanizing your brand.

As a CEO thought leader, you make yourself available to answer questions, inspire solutions, analyze situations, and come up with novel new ideas. You are basically positioning yourself to be the face of your brand, which is valuable in a world where audiences crave personal connection. Here’s how to get started.

Create a plan

Thought leadership does not happen serendipitously. A well thought out content strategy is imperative to establishing your name in your industry. By creating valuable content that helps your audience find solutions, you’re assisting them in their lives and making yourself credible and reliable. Taking the time to really know your audience and creating content that offers value to them is indispensable on the road to thought leadership.

Position yourself

To enter the conversation, CEOs must distinguish themselves against the competition. Know your stuff: awareness of current events and trends will keep you at the forefront of industry knowledge. Building trust through a distinct, reliable voice will keep audiences coming back for more content. Showcase your expertise and understand the pain points of your audience. Create value by offering real solutions to real problems.

Authenticity goes a long way

Whenever you write, say or promote something you do not believe in, your audience will know. The straightest path to thought leadership is through authenticity. Creating content that you’re passionate about is infectious and inspiring to audiences, which translates to loyal followers and customers.

Tap into emotion and storytelling

The idea behind thought leadership is to humanize your brand, and what better way to do that than through true human connection?  To make content memorable, thought leaders are known to tap into the powers of emotion and storytelling. Evoking emotion in content builds a stronger connection to your audience and further establishes your status as thought leader.

Be intentional

As a CEO thought leader, all of your content should be focused on helping your audience. Be intentional by participating in authentic interaction and engaging in lively discussion with followers. Your audience is your priority here and the more trust you build, the more loyal your followers will be. Take time every day to engage with your community by liking, commenting and becoming an active member in the social media community.

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