Monitoring Social Platforms: What Brands Need to Know

So, you’ve established a social media presence. Now the real work begins. Not only do you need to curate and create high quality content on a regular basis, you also need to monitor what your audience has to say in response to that content. Brands must be well versed in opening up productive dialogue with audiences. Here’s how.

Benefits of Monitoring Notifications

Social media is not a lecture, it’s a conversation. By opening up the communication lines to audiences, brands are able to create a connection with customers which translates to a positive brand experience. From a customer service standpoint, monitoring social media serves as a quick and efficient way to resolve issues and handle questions quickly.  Listening on social media is a valuable tool, as brands can see what customers really think and adjust strategies accordingly.

Create a Response Protocol

A thorough plan for responding to every conceivable question or issue must be set up as soon as possible. While there are an infinite number of questions, issues or comments, response templates can be adapted to every situation. When it comes to admins, keep them to a minimum, as too many can make things complicated and inconsistent. Ensure admins are trained and respond within a specified time frame.

Response Best Practices

Respond to comments and complaints quickly, as audiences expect immediate action. Always respond to questions and complaints and remember to use a neutral tone. Avoid deleting negative comments, as this will only anger followers. Try to direct negative conversations offline if possible. Take the time to tailor responses to each individual so all communication doesn’t appear canned.

Use Tools

Many brands harness the power of social media monitoring tools to monitor and automate responses easier. When finding a tool, it’s best to try out a few and choose one that suits your brand’s needs best. Many tools provide monitoring for all brand platforms, which makes keeping up your brand’s image and getting valuable audience data that much easier. Don’t forget to set up an internal monitoring schedule, as you’ll always want someone overseeing what’s happening on your social channels.

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