Facebook Reviews: The Good, The Bad and Our Top Tips

Satisfied customers are music to our marketing ears. Positive Facebook reviews have the power to improve brand image, drive sales, and create brand loyalty. Negative reviews can be an opportunity for brands to showcase their customer service proficiency. Basically, reviews can make or break a brand’s public image, so this is one part of your marketing strategy you don’t want to ignore.  

The lowdown on reviews

Reviews allow brands to be transparent while boosting their brand’s credibility. Positive reviews are goldmines of valuable testimonials, while negative reviews provide an opportunity to respond quickly and manage situations with grace. Even though negative reviews may show up on other platforms, Facebook gives a greater advantage to improve outcomes though customer service.

Responding to positive reviews

When it comes to comments and reviews, the golden rule is to respond to everybody. Show that you care about customers feedback by responding to reviews, whether good, bad or neutral. Responding to positive reviews provides a chance to interact with customers and give a further good impression. It also showcases your gracious personality to potential customer reading reviews. Feature your best feedback publicly by reposting user’s unedited reviews on your feed. This serves as a proof that your brand delivers what it promises.

Responding to negative reviews

Negative reviews are bound to happen to any business. No matter how untrue or infuriating, never respond to a negative review with anger or condescension. A customer who sees you responding negatively to another customer may decide to take their business elsewhere. Note that a proper response may be just what is needed to win over a customer who is on the fence.

Turning off reviews

There is an option to turn off reviews altogether on Facebook but doing so can shortchange your brand’s credibility. When you turn off Facebook reviews, both positive and negative reviews are no longer visible to your audience. This may seem like a great idea to keep things neutral, but it’s a bad idea in the long run. Audiences have a plethora of other social media channels to post negative feedback, so turning off Facebook reviews will not necessarily keep the naysayers at bay. Customers may also question why you don’t post reviews, which will create an atmosphere of secrecy, which translates into lack of trust.

Reviews: need to know

Even though you may like to once in a while, reviews cannot be hidden. User comments on reviews cannot be deleted, but you can delete your own comments. Reviews can be reported, but only with a personal account, but don’t count on Facebook to take down a review. They are only removed on rare occasions. And don’t forget to encourage customers to leave positive reviews when they have a good experience.

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