Top Tips for Live Video Streaming

Live streaming is a powerful way to showcase the human side of your brand.  The biggest challenge of live streaming is, well, the live factor. From preparation to fruition, there’s a lot to get right. If you’re able to pull it off, the social payoff is well worth the effort. Here are six top tips to get you successfully streaming.


Live videos are more an event than a social media post. To generate interest in this event and to attain coveted viewership, you’ll need to promote your live stream. In the days leading up to the live stream, share updates about your broadcast. Each time you share an update, give your audience a tidbit of valuable information they’ll learn by watching your livestream.  Cross promote your broadcast on multiple social media channels to increase your audience.


Live video is off the cuff and laid-back, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. A strong internet connection, good lighting, a stable camera and minimal background noise are all essential for live stream success. Run down the content you’ll be presenting and make sure you it is valuable to your audience. Do a quick test video to ensure that everything is up, running, and just where it needs to be.

Be responsive

Live video streams offer an unprecedented opportunity for direct, real-time engagement with audiences in a way no other medium can compete with. One of the most potent ways of increasing engagement is addressing comments and questions on air. Because live streaming facilitates authentic interactions with audiences, it is crucial that you dedicate time of each broadcast to address your customers directly.

Connect with your audience

Live streams are for creating connections, and when it comes to connecting with your audience, you have to be likable, relatable, and friendly. This isn’t the time for annoying sales pitches and offering your services. Save your call to action for the close of the broadcast so your audience doesn’t feel like they’re being prodded to buy a product or service.

Include a guest or another host

They say that two is better than one, and this rings true for the world of live video streaming. Add to the fun and engagement by including an extra host who can offer fresh perspectives and new insights into your brand. Adding a guest provides an opportunity for cross-promoting between audiences, exposing your brand to fresh faces.

Run analytics

After your live stream, check in with how the broadcast did. There are metrics available that allow you to measure your success with your live stream. Facebook offers powerful metrics including viewers, minutes viewed, and average percent completion. These analytics can come in handy when preparing for your next broadcast.

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