When Twitter Works for Brands

Today’s social media audiences demand brands be accessible, authentic and entertaining. Twitter’s primary purpose is to connect people while allowing them to share their thoughts with a global audience. Tapping into Twitter’s audience of 330 million monthly active users may seem like a daunting feat, but with the right strategy, voice and personality, your brand can leverage this platform to reach a new audience.

Be set for success

Believe it or not, many brands on Twitter have profiles that are missing crucial information. Take the time to meticulously fill out every field in your profile. Create a pinned tweet so users visiting your profile page know exactly what to expect from your content. Don’t keep the default background but try matching it to your branding to keep it eye-catching.

Know your audience

One of the benefits of using Twitter is accessing their powerful audience analytics. By clicking on the “audience” tab, you can gain insight into tweet engagement and engagement rate, your follower’s interests, and their buying habits. These analytics can help strategize and identify opportunities for future customer targeting.

Find and learn your voice

Since Twitter relies on short, quippy dialogue, finding your brand’s voice is crucial to how you connect with your audience. Both the language and tone used can either make or break your brand’s Twitter presence. Once you’ve honed your voice, include your verbal identity into your brand guidelines so all personnel can apply it.

Create and share unique, timely content

Twitter is made for in the moment content. To be successful on Twitter, brands must use the platform to dialogue with their audience in real time. Breaking news, updates on product launches, and behind the scenes content is king. Along with that, you’ll want to inform your audience. The main reason audiences go to Twitter is to “discover something new.” Whether it’s for inspiration, news, or discovery, audiences are after unique and informative content.


Don’t forget to watch hashtags related to your brand and to jump into an appropriate Twitter conversation to establish your brand as a thought leader. Hashtags help increase the reach of your Twitter voice substantially. Tune in to what is trending and use hashtags often.

Tap into video

According to Twitter for Business, Tweets that contain video are six times more likely to be retweeted than Tweets with photos. To sweeten the pot, tapping into In-Stream Video Ads are shown to increase ad recall by 70%, which results in a 6% higher purchase intent by audiences compared to users who weren’t exposed to video ads. This type of content allows brands to run an ad before a publisher’s video.

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