A BallywhoSocial Community Manager is a digital-savvy company and client representative who manages the overall social communications, strategy, public relations and analytics for client social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and more. S/he ensures that each platform posts compelling written and graphic social content to meet social marketing goals. Exceptional communication skills—both verbal and written— and social media experience are mandatory. Community Managers can translate broad client marketing initiatives into smart, creative and concise written and graphic content, or work closely with staff to effectively communicate these goals. S/he should have a clear understanding about the value of customer relations and client public relations expectations, as they communicate with commenters daily while monitoring platforms, responding to notifications and connecting with client partners on social media. Community Managers lead campaign and ad strategy for clients by platform and work to propose effective opportunities to support client marketing goals while applying BallywhoSocial best practices and policies. Community Managers also review and interpret analytic data for clients, and use it to refine or build social strategy moving forward. S/he is responsible for managing multiple projects with weekly deadlines and providing frequent status updates regarding project progress and challenges. Finally, a BallywhoSocial Community Manager is committed to offering the best possible customer service to our clients, and works diligently to maintain a strong client relationship.

In order to meet the needs of a diverse, national client base, this is a telecommuting position which may require travel.

A BallywhoSocial Community Manager should have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as English, journalism, or marketing. The ideal candidate has a strong background in written communication (web, journalism, PR, or marketing preferred) and an extensive understanding of business best practices for social media strategy, multiple social media platforms and web communication.

Important Skills

The ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Maintains a strong, self-directed work ethic and is able to meet daily and weekly deadlines from a home-based office
  • Manages multiple tasks in any given day, is deadline driven and can respond, follow-up, delegate and deliver in a timely manner
  • Understands and enjoys using multiple social media platforms in a professional manner 
  • Values customer service and accommodates clients’ changing needs and requests
  • Applies the latest social media trends for business to client social strategy
  • Clearly communicates best practices for social media
  • Effectively and consistently articulates progress, goals and challenges to other team members
  • Maintains focus, self-direction and self-discipline
  • Translates client needs and goals into succinct and engaging social content that requires minimal editing or revision
  • Creates strong graphic content for social media posting
  • Researches material thoroughly and assures factual accuracy


On a daily basis, Community Manager performs the following tasks and activities:

  • Monitors and maintains work flow on client social platforms by ensuring client marketing goals are being met, content is posting and notifications are being managed.
  • Reviews and updates client strategy and content plans.
  • Manages and creates campaign proposals for client social ad strategy.
  • Works closely with BallywhoSocial staff to ensure daily client requests are being met in a timely manner.
  • Composes original, thoughtful, and engaging content for various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram
  • Creates compelling social graphic images to match written content and client marketing initiatives
  • Adheres to best practices for each platform
  • Maintains a client-centered focus at all times
  • Contributes to the creation of in-house marketing materials as needed
  • Meets daily and weekly deadlines
  • Travels occasionally for staff meetings or to meet with clients or provide social reporting including live social media posting and photography
  • Applicant must take a writing test and pass a drug screen/background check.



This is the Predictive Index® Behavioral Assessment. Please set aside 5-10 uninterrupted minutes for completion, although you have unlimited time to complete the assessment once it is started. This assessment does not measure intelligence, education or experience. It simply measures work and communication needs.